General Policies for Moundsville Middle School (2023-2024)

Students will demonstrate the Trojan Values of being respectful, responsible and safe at all times. They will use appropriate language, keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves, walk the correct way in the hallways, be prepared to learn in each class, follow the instructions of all staff members, and follow all other school rules and policies. Students will refrain from chewing gum, conducting themselves in a disorderly manner, bullying or harassing others, or creating an unsafe atmosphere.

Dress Code

To maintain and to not disturb the health and safety of students and not disturb the learning process, Moundsville Middle School has established the following guidelines for the dress code.

  1. Undergarments must not be visible. Clothing items such as backless tops, strapless tops, and halter tops are not allowed except when worn as a layering piece underneath a sweater or other shirt that covers the shoulder area.
  2. Clothing should always cover the torso-chest-stomach and sides (i.e., no bare midriffs, low-cut shirts, shirts with sides cut out). When standing up, the shirt must touch the top of the pants, skirt, or shorts.
  3. Skirts and shorts must completely cover the student's buttocks. Students must be able to comfortably sit in a desk or on the floor, bend down, and reach up without exposing undergarments.
  4. No students shall be permitted to wear any clothing that contains pictures and/or writing referring to alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, sexual references, profanity, illegal drugs and or gangs, weapons, or derogatory messages related to race/ethnic groups or gender.
  5. No hats, caps, beanies, or bandanas may be worn. Hooded sweatshirts are acceptable; however, the students are not allowed to wear the hoods on their heads. No sunglasses are to be worn unless prescribed by a doctor due to a concussion or other medical issue.
  6. Footwear must be worn at all times. No bedroom/bathroom slippers.
  7. No onesies pajama costumes or full-body spandex suits.
  8. Backpacks and cell phones will be kept in lockers at all times. Sling bags are allowed to be carried in school.

The school staff will use discretion when making decisions regarding the appropriateness of each student's dress and possible consequences for violation of this policy. Students will be required to change into appropriate clothing. This may include changing into clothing provided by Moundsville Middle School or calling home for appropriate clothing. Repeated violations of dress code rules will result in disciplinary consequences.

it is important that the students understand that school is a more formal setting than home. In addition, students need to be able to move throughout their day comfortably, ready to participate in whatever activities we have planned for the day. With student and parent support, and the use of common sense when dressing for school, dress code issues can be easily avoided.

The school administration reserves the right to make the final determination as to the appropriateness of a student’s clothing at any time.


Each student will be issued a locker for their use during the school day in which they may choose to keep their personal belongings (coats, jackets, backpack, cell phone, school books, gym clothes, water bottle, etc.) Lockers are not to be shared with other students and may be searched by the administration at any time.


Only string-bag backpacks may be carried during the day to help students carry classroom materials, school issues iPads, water bottles and/or other personal items from class to class.


Cell phones, hand-held devices (iPods, gaming systems, etc.), headphones, earbuds, and portable speakers are not permitted to be used during the school day. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and similar devices are allowed as long as they are not being used as communication or recording devices. Devices that are used as smartphones or similar handheld devices will be treated as such according to the school policy.

In addition to this, removing or modifying school issued property such as the iPad by removing monitoring application Go Guardian is against your technology user agreement and will result in a student's referral to the administration.

Grading Scale

The Marshall County Grading Scale is as listed below for all classes:

  • 100-90% = A

  • 89-80% = B

  • 79-70% = C

  • 69-60% = D

  • 59% or below = F

Marshall County Board of Education - Basic Rules and Policies (2023-2024)

Attendance and Absences

Punctual and regular attendance is very important. If it is necessary for a student to be absent for any reason, a parent or guardian must call the school during the morning of the absence before 10:00 am. If contact is not made, the student is expected to bring a written excuse from home.

The school principal will review the attendance of a student when absences reach five, ten, and fifteen days, and a letter of notice will be sent to the parent/guardian. The parent/guardian will be invited to contact the school to discuss the absenteeism. When a student accumulates fifteen days of absence, a conference will be scheduled with the parent/guardian.

Students who are absent during the school day may not participate in or attend extracurricular activities after school that day.

Early Dismissals

If a student needs to be excused for a medical or other appointment, he/she shall request permission from the Main office the morning of the day of dismissal. The student will be given an early dismissal slip stating the date, time, and reason for the dismissal. Early dismissals will only be given to students who have a WRITTEN excuse from home or a doctor’s appointment card.

Teachers shall honor early dismissals as excused absences.

Before leaving the building and before returning to class, students must sign out in the Main office. Failure to do so will result in the students being unexcused. If a student signs out without permission from the office, he/she will be counted as truant.


Students tardy to school shall report to the main office to receive a slip admitting them to class. Tardy students must sign-in at the Main office. Tardiness is only excused for those reasons stated in the county attendance guidelines. Oversleeping and missing the school bus are not excuses. More than three tardies to school each year will result in disciplinary action.

Missed Work for Absences

Students are responsible for all work missed during their absences. There may be no withholding of grades unless the student, after being given an opportunity to make up the work, fails to do so.

When the student returns to school, the teacher and student shall meet to establish procedures for make-up work. Any exception to this time frame for extenuating circumstances must be approved by the principal and classroom teacher.

An extended excused absence due to illness may require homebound instruction or special provisions arranged by the principal and faculty to accommodate a student in keeping up with assignments.

Health Services and First Aid

Students who become ill during the day will report to the nurse (or main office if the nurse is not available) with permission from the classroom teacher. Do not go to the nurse between classes. If the student needs to go home, a parent/guardian or emergency number will be contacted for permission. Once a student is released to go home, he/she must have a slip stating that he/she is to go home and must sign out in the main office.

Non-prescription medications such as aspirin, Tylenol, or Pepto Bismol, will not be administered by any school employee.

If an accident should occur, it must be reported at once to the teacher in charge and the proper school personnel notified with an accident report properly completed.


The Marshall County Board of Education furnishes books to all students. Students are responsible for safeguarding these textbooks and will be expected to pay for any books that are lost, stolen, or damaged. In the event a book was paid for and then found, the payment will be refunded.

Drug Free Schools

The use of unlawful drugs and alcohol is a serious societal problem resulting from factors present in the community. The use of chemicals and other substances inhibits the achievement of the overall goals of the school system. The medical, physical, and emotional problems created by dependency on chemical substances interfere with the learning development and safety of students. The schools of Marshall County work cooperatively with the home, local agencies and community members, as well as groups and businesses to create a school environment free of chemical use, abuse, and dependency.

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