MMS Group Shows Kindness

Pictured are members of the Kindness Krew with firefighters from the Moundsville Fire Department. Front row from left: Patricia Ward, Alexia Stevens, Ava Blake and Miranda Martinez. Back row from left: MMS Spanish teacher Denise Radaker, Lia Radaker, MMS Mental Health Coordinator Trista Rager, Isabella Adams, Firefighter Brady Clarke, Isaac McDonald, Fire Chief Gary Brandon, Stella Tsevegjav, Firefighter Wendi Wentzell-Cuc and Ella Kennen.

They call themselves the Kindness Krew, and the group’s mission is to spread kindness at Moundsville Middle School and the surrounding community.

The idea for the program started with a message that MMS Spanish teacher Denise Radaker received from a former student at Wheeling Jesuit University. Current State Farm Agent Noah Mull told Radaker about the Kindness Revolution he was leading through wristbands that read, “The Kindness Revolution – Be Strong – Be Kind.”

This message sparked an idea in Radaker to have a Kindness Calendar for December at the middle school and try to involve students in spreading kindness through little random acts. She asked Trista Rager, the school’s Mental Health Coordinator, to join her in planning and supervising the activities.

The two worked hard to create a calendar, based on the numerous ones on the Internet, and chose activities that were meaningful for the school and community. The calendar also encourages the participants to continue the kindness on weekends and for the remainder of December.

Wearing the bracelets provided by the Kindness Revolution, students have already sent holiday cards to soldiers, cleaned up litter around the outside of the school, written “thank you” notes to the school’s service personnel, candy cane “bombed” cars along Tomlinson Avenue and the staff parking lots, delivered hot cocoa and cookies to all the school staff, written positive notes for the mirrors in each bathroom and tied scarves on the light poles along Jefferson Avenue. On Friday, a small portion of the Kindness Krew delivered treats to the Moundsville Fire Department.

There are 33 students from all grade levels at the middle school have signed up to be a part of the newly formed Kindness Krew. The activities have definitely made an impact, and other students have requested to join and asked if more activities will take place in the 2019.