Niekamp Foundation Gives Grants to MMS Groups

Pictured from left: MMS Head Principal Michael Lewis, MMS Chorus teacher Dawn Barcus, Niekamp Foundation Trustee Tom O’Connor, MMS PE/Health teacher Suzanne Muncy, MMS Band Director Sue Lewicki and MMS Assistant Principal Shey McGuire.

Monday morning Tom O’Connor, a trustee from the Karl and Mildred Niekamp Charitable Foundation, presented Moundsville Middle School principals and teachers with two checks totaling $25,000.

Physical Education-Health teacher Suzanne Muncy was given a $5,000 grant to help fund the school’s Weekend Food Program. The money will help provide approximately 20 students, every week, with a food bag to take home when school is not is session.

A contribution of $20,000 was given to MMS Band Director Sue Lewicki and MMS Chorus Director Dawn Barcus to split between the two musical groups. The band will use $16,000 of the grant to purchase new equipment and fix instruments. The chorus will use the remaining $4,000 for materials, music and maintenance.

Moundsville Middle School Head Principal Michael Lewis is grateful for the generous donation made to the teachers and students at his school. “I am humbled and extremely appreciative of the kindness bestowed on us by the Niekamp Foundation,” Lewis said. “The Niekamp Foundation’s support is truly a blessing to our students and their quality of life.”

O’Connor also gave the Trojans information about additional assistance that’s available to them. If the school is able to collect $7,000 from another charity, the foundation will match the money. The funds will be used to purchase new choral risers.