Groups Unite to Make the Holidays Brighter for Students

From left front row: MMS teacher Suzanne Muncy, FRN Director Staci Dei, and Williams employees Sheri Cramblit and Dee Zombotti. Back row from left: Williams employees Nick Chaplin, Todd Higgins and Caleb Minton.

Williams is looking to make the holiday season a little merrier for local children.  The energy company teamed up with the Marshall County FRN to help organize several projects that seek to ensure students will have food and a gift for Christmas.

Williams employees held a clothing drive, “Hoodies for the Holidays.”  Items collected were donated to Marshall County students to be given as gifts in recognition of demonstrating acts of kindness.

On Wednesday, Williams employees presented the hoodies to Moundsville Middle School students and hosted a pizza party for them.  Additionally, a fully decorated Christmas tree was donated and raffled off to one student to take home.

Holiday hams were also purchased by Williams for families in need at Moundsville Middle School and Cameron High School.

The Marshall County FRN and Marshall County Schools extend their gratitude to Williams and its employees for their generosity and desire to give back to the communities in which they operate.

“The holiday season can be a difficult time for families who may be struggling to make ends meet, and these projects will help to make sure local community members can truly have a Merry Christmas,” said Stacie Dei, Executive Director of the Marshall County FRN. “We are very appreciative of Williams and their employees’ commitment to our communities, and are so grateful for their generosity.”